Offshore Warehousing
Welcome to Cooper's Mechanics Oilfield Services (CMOS)

Let CMOS solve your Offshore Logistics problem by using our specially designed Warehouse and Accommodation Vessels. CMOS has been operating this type of vessel since 1988.

The first vessel was converted in early 1988 from a Drilling Barge, Ex-Western Offshore VII rename “ISMAYA”. The second vessel that is being converted from Ex “OSG” Double Hull Tanker, named “OSG Integrity” and renamed to “TOS Integrity” should be completed by the 1st Quarter of 2014.

Cooper’s Mechanical Oilfield Services Pte Ltd (CMOS) is an established Singapore registered company. CMOS was established and registered on May 4, 1982. Read More

TOS Integrity

Loads up to 39,000 mt of Drilling Equipment, Diesel Fuel, Drill and Portable Water plus beds for 100 men.
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Loads up to 15,000 mt of Drilling Equipment, Diesel Fuel, Drill & Portable Water plus Beds for 120 men.
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